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Vagina String

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Quick Overview

Very natural looking and penetrable vagina

Product Description

The Silicone Vagina String is a perfect replica of the female vagina, whereas the male genitals get part of the female vagina.

You do need to imagine that this vagina prosthesis is fully penetrable and it works like this:
The penis and the testicle are safely stored upside in an especial moulded shaping. The partners penis is then inserted through the vagina and gets directly to the anus. While using the vagina for the first time, you do need to crack the closure built in. After that you can have sex without limitation.

The vagina itself is made of very soft pigmented silicone that stays moist and never dries out! The skin of the rest is babysmooth and soft, but not moist. The Silicone Vagina String is complete moulded seamless - so it fits to your body like a tight thong. Inside lining is made of 4 way stretch nylon which makes it comfortabel, stretchable and conviniently to wear.

To make sure that your vagina fits 100% you can sent us your individually to your measurements - then the Straps will then be custom moulded to fit your body 100%! Please click here if you like to sent us your measurements.
Due to hygienic reasons the Silicone Vagina String can not be exchanged and not be returned.

A perfect illusion which can give you plenty of unforgetable moments.

While wearing Silicone Vagina String, you can use the toilet like a "lady" with our Katheder Ring

Please note: due to protection of minors we are not allowed to show any photos containing youth endangering contents.
If you do confirm, that you are at least 18 years old, you can click here
and we can send you further photos of our Silicone Vagina String.

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